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Nutritional Therapy.
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How does Nutritional Therapy work?
Nutritional Therapy improves your body’s efficiency by identifying health problems from symptoms and a food intolerance test, and then suggesting  dietary changes and  a few helpful supplements. Any foods that you may be intolerant to, may need to be eliminated, for a short time, allowing the body to heal. Lots of delicious alternatives, will be suggested, to help you replace offending foods. After a short period of desensitising, the offending foods may gradually be re-introduced into the diet.
Nutritional Therapy is designed to meet individual needs.

How to get help
Please telephone or email Lorna for an appointment. A consultation will be booked for you at the first available time.   
Your consultation, will normally last for approximately, one, and a quarter hours. Appointments are six weeks apart, and between one, and three are usually, all that is necessary. To help you between visits, all clients are offered ongoing email and telephone support.
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